Renewal, Errors and Solutions

In the final step of the process, when you go to pay the renewal, issues a message indicating that "there is no selected item".
• This problem usually occurs in subscriptions in which some of the billing or shipping address are not properly registered.


1. Access to My Account from the Menu Bar.
2. Go to Modify your address book.
3. You should check your addresses one by one, checking that all required data are filled out, and paying special attention to the last box "Province / State". It is at this point where may be the problem.
4. Click on Edit and press continue once amended.
5. Try to finish the Renewal Process again.

No match for E-Mail Address and/or Password:


1. You will only access your account if you are already a subscriber or customer.
2. The Email must be the same as we recorded in our files.
3. If you are using now a different Email, or do not remember the one in our records, we suggest you to contact our Customer Service so we can register your new email.
4. If the problem is your Password, please consult the corresponding Section in HELP & INFO

The Payment does not pass through .


Plese, see HELP & INFO section section Payment Systems

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