Privacy Policy

This is to advise you that data gathered by this and any other means, and any such data as may be gathered in the future, shall be stored in a file belonging to HOLA, S.L. with the aim of executing, maintaining and managing contractual relations, replying to requests for information, content, products and services, in order to improve our products and services,  to undertake research, surveys and reports, to manage the sending of information of a technical, operational, advertising, promotional or self-promoting nature, all relating to services provided by  ¡HOLA!, as well as to products and services provided by third parties, as well as the sending of Bulletins, the handling, management, provision, extension and improvement of such services as may be requested by yourself from ¡HOLA! and, as the case may be, tailoring such services to your requirements and tastes, the designing of new services related to same, and the sending of updates. By the same token, you hereby allow your data to be handled with the aim of sending you commercial material, including by electronic means, unless you state otherwise, even after the termination of the contractual relationship. 

 You may exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition in writing, by attaching a copy of the original relevant document, and addressing it to the Customer Service Department at ¡HOLA! calle Velázquez, 98, 28006 Madrid, Spain.

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy herein stipulated forms an integral part of the General Conditions of Use for the website.

HOLA, S.L. holds as a basic aim guaranteeing the privacy and secrecy of its Users’ personal data, gathered by any system which allows for the transmission of data (henceforth to be referred to as “Personal Data”). By the same token, the company declares its commitment to comply with such legislation covering this matter as may be in force at any given moment.

1 File ownership

HOLA, S.L. (henceforth to be referred to as "¡HOLA!"), a limited company established in Spain, whose trading address is in Madrid, on calle Miguel Ángel, number 1, postal code 28010, taxpayer identity number B-86326360; registered in the Madrid Companies Register, Volume 2,023, Book 1,408 in section 3, is the owning party of the file in which the Personal Data will be entered (henceforth to be referred to as the “Personal Data File”), as well as the party responsible  for managing the same.

2 Data gathering and management

2.1 Personal data

2.1.1 ¡HOLA! shall gather Users’ Personal Data by means of online forms, over the Internet. The Users’ Personal Data gathered, depending on each particular case, may be, amongst other things, forenames, surnames, age, email address, country of residence, nationality, occupation and means of access. By the same token, ¡HOLA! may request some of the User’s banking details.

2.1.2 Users shall expressly and unequivocally grant their consent for Personal Data to be compiled in the Personal Data File and shall comply with the provisions of current legislation as applicable in Spain. The existence and nature of the Personal Data File has been made known to the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

2.2 Purposes

The Personal Data may be the object of management for some or all of the following purposes:

(1) Management of the Users’ registration process.

(2) The execution, maintenance and management of such contractual relationships as ¡HOLA! and the User may have, and/or, as the case may be, the management, administration, rendering, extension and improvement of such services provided by ¡HOLA! as may have been requested by them, and in such case, the adapting of said services to the preferences and tastes of the Users, the designing of new services related to the same and the sending of updates.

(3) Replying to requests for information, content, products and/or services.

(4) The management of the sending of technical, operational, advertising, promotional or self-promotional information, relating to services provided by ¡HOLA! and products and services provided by the third parties, as well as the mailing of Bulletins.

(5) The improvement of our products and services.

(6) The development of research, surveys and studies.

In addition, at such time as the User provides his or her email address or any other means of electronic communication, the User shall expressly grant his or her consent for the said means to be used in order that ¡HOLA! may communicate with him or her, as well as to provide him or her with information, news and new developments, or to advise him or her of any development or change which may be included in the website.

2.3 Cession and/or communication of information

Personal Data provided by Users to ¡HOLA! may be communicated to third parties. In the case that said communication should take place, Users shall be informed of the identity of said parties, as well as the purposes which justify such cession, and shall proceed to gather their consent.

3 The Use of Cookies

During page visits and browsing of the website, we shall install a "cookie" in the User’s browser for the following purposes:

•          To offer the User a personalised service adapted to his or her preferences.

•          To identify the User’s preferences and browsing patterns on the website.

In addition, we hereby inform the User that third parties (advertisers) may by the same token install cookies in his or her browser when they undertake advertising campaigns on the website. The aforesaid parties will not have access to the information contained in cookies belonging to ¡HOLA!

A cookie is a file which often contains anonymous information about users, which is sent to his or her browser from our servers and which is stored on the hard disk in his or her computer. Each website shall send its own cookie to the User’s browser, as long as his or her browser is set up to receive such cookies.

The User shall have the means to set up his or her browser in order to be advised on screen of the reception of cookies, as well as to block the installation of cookies on his or her hard disk. It is important that if the User does not wish to accept the installation of cookies, he or she should not forget to set up his or her browser to put that into effect. Even if the User should set up his or her browser in order to block the installation of cookies, he or she may browse our website and the only inconvenience will be that he or she will not be able to take part in each and every service on offer.

¡HOLA! will not assume any responsibility for cookies installed in the User’s hard disk by third parties outside our service.

4 Accuracy and updating

The User shall guarantee that data provided by him or her be authentic, up to date and accurate, and bear sole responsibility for any loss, damage or sanction which may arise from failing to comply with the aforesaid conditions.

In addition, the User must notify ¡HOLA! as soon as possible of any change or modification which may take place concerning previously provided data.

5 Security measures

¡HOLA! shall guarantee the adoption of measures of a technical and organisational nature needed to ensure the security of Personal Data and to avoid their alteration, loss, tampering or unauthorised access, bearing in mind the state of technology, the nature of the data stored and the risks to which it is exposed, whether these are derived from human action or physical or natural means, and the User should be aware that security measures on the Internet are not unassailable.

6 Rights to access, objection, rectification and cancellation

 The User shall have recognised rights to access, rectification, cancellation and objection, which may be exercised in writing by sending a letter with a photocopy of his or her identity document to the following address: HOLA! Customer Service Department, calle Velázquez, number 98, postal code 28006, Madrid.

Once the request is received, ¡HOLA! shall proceed to advise the User within the time period specified in such legislation covering this matter as may be in force at any given moment.