Access to Customer Account and PASSWORD

You can access your account with your E-mail Address and Password.

If you are a subscriber or client, must use the same Email Address we have in our records. If it has been changed, and you do not remember the former one, please contact us to assist you, and we will update it in your record.

It is highly possible that you need a new password, since our system was recently modified. Therefore, will be required to create a new one.

How to Generate a New Password:

Click on Customer Account in the Menu Bar. In the new window, beneath the corresponding case, click on the link "Regenerate password". Afterwards, enter email address to which you want the password reset email sent.

Once in your account, you will be able to change the New Password for another more easy to remember for you.

How to Change Password:

To change your password to something easier to remember, go to Your Account (menu bar on the right)

In the menu of your account you will find the option "Change Password"

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